Creating personalised marketing plans, that work

The Lab


Are you tired of not being noticed by your customers?

Do you want to grow your audiences, need to change the positioning of your business or build a strategy that encompasses social media?  Or do you need on hand support for a new channel, investigating and observing which platform works best for you?

The Indie Practice Lab is your consultancy package that offers business knowledge and expertise that is easy to understand and digest.  Giving you two options, we provide strategic coaching or fully immersive training on specific platforms; helping you to expand audiences and grow your business in a short period of time.

The offering:

  • Support: Offering ongoing support and guidance in building marketing strategies within realistic time lines

  • Plan: A tailor made plan that is right for you now and designed to meet your objectives

  • Mentor: We share our experience and never ending ideas to help grow you as a business

  • Train: Interactive training on social media platforms and PR channels; helping you understand what to do, how to use them and maximise usage from the beginning.

We have 3 programmes in the lab



We build a marketing plan for your business in month one, discussing what you want to achieve and together we build a plan with clear timelines and goals, using the programme here on the right —>

You will receive a written plan from us to help you.

This is then followed up with a 1-2-1 hour long Skype call in month 2 and 3 offering ongoing support, revising timelines and keeping you on track.

You will also be invited to a closed Facebook group to be able to share thoughts, ideas and ask questions with others in the Lab.

Price: The 3 month programme is £950. 

This can be paid by instalments – £350 a month.


Kate will spend a one day or half day session reviewing your business discussing what you want to achieve and together we build a marketing plan with clear timelines and goals. You will receive a written plan from us to help you. This covers:

  • Setting targets and objectives

  • Analysis the "as is" - looking at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from others

  • Explore your ideal customer and agree your brand values

  • Creating your brand voice & look and feel

  • Building the plan - this is where we design the detail across the 4 quadrants - SEO, PR, Social Media and Email Marketing.

  • Setting timelines and measurable targets

Price: The one month programme is £700/£400.


We offer monthly support with your business, sharing our 22 year business experience experience so you learn from our wins and don’t make some of the mistakes we may have made! Kate has learnt from some of the most successful business people in the UK and wants to share this with you.

We are packed with ideas, so while mentoring you we can help direct you to a place that creates more revenue and opportunities. These aren't pie in the sky ideas either - real tangible ones that will drive your business forward.

This package consists of a half day in month one, then ongoing 121s for as long as you need them.

Please note that this is NOT coaching but mentoring.

Price: £500 for the first session then £175 a month ongoing.


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