Selling With Video Masterclass - Bedford

Selling With Video Masterclass - Bedford


Most people I talk to tell me they don't want to do video - live or pre-recorded.

They lack confidence. They don't know what to say.

I get it!

But when you think that:

> you getter at least 59% better engagement with video
> 70% of your social content should be video
> IGTV is booming, Linked In is Beta testing live video, Pinterest video is about to launch 
> adding videos to your website helps massively with your SEO

it makes me really sad that businesses aren't using it. And it is free! No ads - but better reach!

That is why I am launching my new masterclass: How to sell through video - it is a 2 hour session in person. Practical, fun, and Ill share some super embarrassing videos of me!

Together we will 
>Tackle confidence issues
>Learn all the tricks
>Learn what to say and when
>Build it into your strategy.


It is 8th October 10am at The Foundry, Bedford. Places are limited.

HUB members get 15% off.

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