Successful Styled Shoot 3 hour Course

Successful Styled Shoot 3 hour Course


We share how to successfully plan and publish a styled shoot in our 3 part online course.

“Styled shoots within the wedding industry are a key way to get your business noticed, by wedding blogs and magazines. They are also important for your website and social media as well as your portfolio.

Even for those not in the wedding industry, a styled shoot is a great way to showcase your brand and position yourself as an expert within it.

But it is not easy to get it right.

I run the wedding blog Magpie Wedding as well as being the wedding editor for Vintage Life Magazine and I get hundreds of submissions every month, most of which I have to decline. Some are not right for the publication but I hate to say it, some are simply not good enough. I get many, many shoots that offer no point of difference from what I have featured before. And I hear that from other wedding blogs and journalists.

But I want to help you change that! I want to show you how, with careful planning and research, you can create something that bloggers will argue over – they will all want to feature it!

Using my editorial experience, my knowledge from planning fashion shoots for the UK’s leading retailer and also my blogging experience where every one of my shoots got featured on a major UK blog I will share, over three evenings, on this online course:” Kate Beavis

Day 1: Preparation

  • Understand how establishing the WHY behind the shoot will help you to create something fresh and new

  • How to get the right team for the shoot, and how not to do it

  • How to get everyone on the same page before you start

  • Why you need a brand shoot and how it can help sell more products

  • How to use Pinterest to create your vision

  • How to find the perfect venue as well as the best models

  • How to agree a budget and whether you actually need one

  • Why agreeing your end goals will help you get published

Day 2: The Shoot

  • How to plan the day so everyone understands their roles

  • What you need to bring

  • What to do if anything goes wrong

  • How to get the best from models

  • How together you can actually achieve your vision

Day 3: Getting Published

  • I will share tips for getting published including how to pitch

  • How to get your shoot featured on multiple sites

  • What pisses bloggers off and how to avoid it

  • What good looks like – and what turns me off as an editor

  • What to do after it has been featured to get the maximum from the shoot

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