12 ways to get better engagement on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to increase engagement with your audience, as they love to see behind the scenes action and to get an insight into the real you. But are you utilising the many add ons that help you get your message across as well as reach more people? Here are 12 that are currently available with many new ones rolling out all the time.


This is a two answer poll for a quick yes or no question although the words can be changed to suit your needs. This is great way to gauge what is important to your audience and could be used to find out more about them. We like to add the question separately so you can choose your font or colour.

Ask Me A Question

This is where you invite your audience to ask you a question about anything or a topic of your choice. What works really well is to set a time when you will come and answer all the questions, maybe in a live session to create an event of it.

Add stickers and GIFS

Most of you know about this but adding stickers and call to action GIFS shows personality although it worth considering keeping them on brand. If you are luxury brand for example, unicorn stickers may not cut the mustard with your customers. However, Swipe Up arrows would be great. Did you know that you can design your own GIFS?

Add a Location tag

Adding a GEO tag helps to increase your reach as your story is more likely to be shown to people nearby in your location. This is perfect for events and “bricks and mortar” shops – and we would suggest using them every time. Click on the tag to make it see through if you want it to be more subtle.

Tag others

Tagging other people involved is a great way to get noticed and re-shared – people love to be included so it makes sense to tag them. You could tag your team, the photographer who took the image or the brand you are sharing.

Add a hashtag

I am sure you all add hashtags to your grid posts but consider adding key ones to your Stories too. They work the same way, helping you to get noticed. Just like the location tags, consider making them see through and resizing them so they don’t take over the picture.

Do a live video

OK, OK we all know we should be going live and many are taking to Facebook to do this but doing a live on Instagram via Stories is a great way to be seen. When people are browsing there, a notification pops up to say you are live plus it only lasts for 24 hours which is great for anyone nervous. Do remember to save it afterwards then you can use it elsewhere – maybe on IGTV.

Create a Boomerang video

Boomerang videos are fun and quirky but we also love them for showing features of products. For example, video both sides of your product this way to really highlight it – plus you can add text and stickers over afterwards

Add a Countdown

The countdown button is great for launches of events, new products, sales etc – and adds a sense of urgency to any campaign. Remember that you can sell through Stories so using this add on will encourage people to buy, buy ,buy.

Create a quiz

We love the quiz function as you can add multiple choices to your polls. For example- which colour would you prefer this in or answer yes, no or maybe to a question. Just remember to view the responses before your 24 hour window is up.

Start a chat

Invite people to join you in your Stories, especially video ones. This is a great way to add someone in maybe from your team or an industry expert.

Add a donation to give to charity

It is great to give back so adding a charity donation add on is useful especially for a campaign linked to a cause.

With more being added all the time, Instagram Stories are evolving. The platform is investing here, taking market share away from Snapchat. Add in Instagram Stories adverts into the mix, this is a tool that you should all be focusing on.


Which add on do you use the most?

If you found this useful, how about putting some effort into Twitter - another great way to grow your audience.

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Eleanor Beavis