let’s smash 2020 & make it your best year yet

An all day workshop to create your business strategy & marketing/PR plan to support it

Tuesday nOVEMBER 5th 10-4 The Foundry, Bedford

In this two part practical workshop we will:

  • Develop a business plan for 2020 focusing on 4 quadrants - money, operations, audience and you

  • Create a marketing plan and PR plan to support the strategy

  • Set actions against each focus, with measurables, timelines and targets

  • Share ideas together to create even better plans




“I worked for 18 years in the corporate world where everything was planned, we had objectives for our objectives! When I left, I felt free of all those plans! It was wonderful!

It soon became apparent that plans actually help you to focus - focus on the end goal and how to get there. I spent a year or two doing fabulous, creative things but not really growing my business.

I was still broke!

And tired!

And stressed….

So I went back to what I was taught all those years ago - Plan, Do, Review. That the planning part was indeed the most important part, and where you should spend the lions share of your time.

A good smart plan will help you get to that goal faster, and smoother, in a way that works.

Flitting from idea to idea maybe fun, but without focus you won’t get the results you want. Or in the timescale you desire them.

And these results aren’t just money focused (although we all want to make more right?), but also enable us to make life simpler, for us to be happier and for our customers to love us. So everyone is happier - not just the bank manager!

Let’s together create a business plan so that 2020 is your best year.

One that is easy to action, but one that stretches us out of our comfort zone.

Let’s then make a marketing plan to make the business plan happen'.

And let’s do this in a safe environment, one that is non judgemental - and one that offers ongoing support for next year.”



Following from the session, we will have regular quarterly meet-ups and monthly calls as a group to:

  • Track your progress against key targets set to give you extra accountability

  • Get help if the plan goes pear shaped for whatever reason

  • Give you the confidence needed to smash 2020

    (please note that this is an extra ongoing cost - and is not compulsory)


The details

Starts 10am - 4pm

The Foundry, 45, St Peter’s Street, Bedford MK40 2PN

Tea and coffees provided - Lunch is not included but there are fab indie cafes locally

Bring any ideas, plans, diaries and an open mind

Price: £85

HUB members get a discount.

Price with ongoing support for 2020 is £85 plus 12 monthly payments of £50 - This is set up as a subscription of £58 for 12 months.